Get Your Head in The Cloud

Did you know that all the software found on a campus computer lab image, like Photoshop, Microsoft Office and others, is accessible from a home computer without needing to install it? This is cloud power. An internet connection and YC user account is all that's needed, and it works on any computer that runs VMware Client software, including Macs and iPads.

Cloud computing is a way to do things we used to do on a private computer over the internet. The YC Cloud gives users access to a YC lab computer over the internet. Now students (and YC employees) don't necessarily have to purchase software themselves to use it from home.

To start using the YC Cloud:

1. Launch a browser and go to
2. Click the "View Client..." link, select your operating system from the list and click Download, then click Download again(!) from the following page.
3. Run the installer.
4. When prompted, enter the default Connection Server:, and press Next.
5. Follow the onscreen prompts as necessary to complete the installation.
6. Once rebooted, double-click the VMware View Client desktop icon (Windows) or the applications folder (Mac) to begin using the YC Cloud.

YC cloud website

YC Cloud Quicksheet
Cloudy Disclaimer: Be aware that can use more than two gigabytes of data per hour. If you are using a connection that has limited data, it is your responsibility to monitor your usage. In no event shall Yavapai College be responsible for any charges, penalties, taxes, overages, or any other fee imposed by your internet service provider as a result of your use of our services.