The Summer Institute is a teaching and learning event for all full-time and adjunct faculty, focusing on best practices in the classroom, as well as technology topics for enhancing the student learning experience. Staff are welcome to attend sessions as they apply to their own professional development at the college.

This year, the Summer Institute was held on Tuesday, May 15th, Wednesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 17th.

Here is the schedule and session descriptions.

Keynote Speaker: Jill Schiefelbein

Tuesday, May 15th at 9:15am
The Human Touch
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Jill is the owner of Impromptu Guruand an instructor in the Maricopa Community College district. How did she come to training teachers?
She says, "From the time I did my first formal presentation (I was nine, it was at a 4-H club, and the topic was How to Draw a Mouse, which my mom will remind me about to this day) I knew that communication would be a passion in my life. Since then, I’ve spoken to groups of all ages, in audience sizes of one to 5,000. And I love every minute of it."

Keynote Speaker: Donna Gaudet

Thursday, May 17th 9:15am
Ramp up your Retention: Tips & Tricks to Increase Retention in Developmental ClassesDonnaArticle.jpg
Students taking developmental classes in our community colleges are frequently unprepared to meet the challenges these classes present. Poor reading and writing skills and lack of confidence in mathematics make it hard for them to succeed in the very classes that are intended to build their learning foundation. In this session, Donna Gaudet will share with you some tips and tricks she has used to improve retention in her classes at Scottsdale Community College. In addition, she will share some college-wide initiatives that are being undertaken in an effort to help more dev ed students succeed. Whether you are teaching developmental or college-level classes or are teaching online, hybrid, or face-to-face, you should leave this session with at least one idea you can use to increase student engagement with your course and RAMP UP your retention.

Questions? Please contact the Teaching & eLearning Support (TeLS) at 771-6120 or
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