From Fred Kester:

This session had new information I did not know. I enjoyed this because I'm doing a stress program for a teen leadership workshop at the end of the month. One of the things that was new to me is how we neglect our diet and how the chemical in grains, for example, have a detrimental effect on the chemistry of our brains. I have read some information about GMO's and did not realize that grains could be a big culprit in our health.

The other interesting idea presented is how our "heart" is also a center of information. Mostly we thought it was just the brain. Researchers have conducted tests of showing adverse photos and happy photos to people and monitored their brain activity. It was not surprising to find that the adverse photos showed up in brain scans with debilitating images and happy photos had brain scans with enhancing brain activity. The surprise was that when the photos were randomized, the brain activity showed up a few seconds before the people actually saw the photos. 100% of the trials showed the brain knew which photo would be put up ahead of time.

University of Arizona Professor Dr. Andrew Weil estimates that 90 percent of all doctor visits are caused by stress. This is a staggering number and is directly related to the sedentary lifestyles most of us now lead. Come learn about many of the new brain-based techniques that can drastically and easily reduce the impact of stress in your life. I will share a variety of self-help strategies, including dietary approaches, my favorite guided meditation (clinically proven to work in only 12 minutes!), energy medicine tools and simple exercises that I promise you have ever heard of before. Quit stressing about all of this! Dr. Michael Davis is Program Director for Administration of Justice, but in another life is the Director of Energy Healing Foundation and operates a wellness center with his wife in downtown Prescott.