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Kryterion provides student authentication and test proctoring for distance learners. Our technology allows DE programs to offer distance learners the convenience and savings of taking secure, remote, proctored exams online, while maintaining the academic integrity of the institution and the value of its diplomas. Students and Administrators continue working in the familiar framework of the LMS, while Kryterion authenticates and proctors test-takers, and secures the exams and the test environment.
Online test proctoring with Kryterion’s OLP provides for:
  1. Encryption of transmitted test items delivered from the LMS,
  2. Authentication of test-takers using Keystroke Analytics and Facial Recognition,
  3. Browser lock-down for PC's and MAC's,
  4. Proctoring by our staff of certified professionals,
  5. Proctor Alerts to warn test-takers,
  6. Technical Support for test-takers,
  7. Documentation of aberrant behavior (A/V file) during test sessions, and
  8. Session Review software to make viewing the documentation quick and easy by immediately locating the questionable behavior in the A/V file.
The system will be demonstrated and will show the interaction between the students, proctors, and technical support. Please join us!