Data shows that four easy tasks done at the beginning of the semester can have a large impact on student success. Participants at the session will examine their own (and others!) syllabi and beginning of the semester materials through the lens of student centered research. Together we'll tailor these research findings to the students at YC with the end goal of increasing student success.

Matt Pearcy, Professor, Science


46% of students don't make it to the second year
How to increase student success = make connection

1. Forming Connections Before the Semester Begins.
Get in 'touch' with students at the BEGINNING
Welcome letter for F2F courses as well as online; orientation video is casual, friendly, makes salient & concrete points like 'did you get the textbook?'

2. Fostering Approachability and Engagement
friendly vs unfriendly syllabus
language is inviting, encouraging
support statement "please come see me"

3. Learning the Rules of the Game
The system is not intuitive
1st gen students have a disadvantage in their support system, as fam and friends are just as unfamiliar
college resource scavenger hunt; syllabus quiz that points out some good points;
-- How do we get the information to students w/o repeatability --

4. Giving Good Feedback and Quickly
Early alert
Clear expectations
Scaffolding development
Address magical thinking- the mistaken belief they have a chance to come through despite what they do during the semester, xtra credit.

Ted about student relationships