Winter Institute 2013

Our 8th Annual Winter Institute will be held on December 11th and 12th, 2013!

Join your amazing colleagues here at Yavapai College for two days of learning and sharing.
Both the summer and winter institutes offer one of the best opportunities to converse with
your fellow instructors, to learn about teaching and learning, and to learn about the topics
important to the college as a whole. We hope you will take the opportunity to participate
in the development of the colleges culture and capabilities.

Wednesday Morning Keynote: Don Carter, Director, Northern Arizona University e-Learning Center

Balancing "No News is Good News" and "Actionable Big Data (ABD)" by a Community Dedicated to Student Success

In a world flooded with students, needy students, information and data, how are colleges to collect, interpret an use data to enhance student success? Once we have some inkling of who our students are and what their particular interests and barriers might be, how do we move forward to provide engaging learning environments and associated appropriate interventions to “lead” them to success.

Don Carter.jpgDon Carter has directed the e-Learning Center since 2003. Prior to coming to Northern Arizona University, he served as director of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center at Seton Hall University, where he was instrumental in their university-wide laptop program, curriculum redesign initiatives, and faculty fellows program. At Randolph College, Don was founding director of both the Office of Academic Computing and the Ethyl Math and Science Resource Center. Don teaches in the Master of Administration program at NAU and previously taught mathematics, computer science, and building design & graphics at NAU, Randolph College, and Yavapai College.

Wednesday Lunch Keynote: Peggy Sheehy

The State of Play

Although education has finally noticed gaming and virtual worlds, this attention has been divided into two very different perspectives. Some see engagement, concentration and collaboration, while others see isolation, social dysfunction and addiction. And most recently, the "Gamification Bandwagon" has come to town–layering another level of hype and confusion onto the topic that only serves to provide some interests with an easy sell- while marginalizing the powerful impact these tools have in the hands of skilled educators. The recent explosion of ubiquitous, mobile technology has afforded possibilities for us to harness this powerful pedagogy and allow for authentic agency in learning! Education can’t afford to stand still but must continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of its learners. Yet, often it is the educators who have difficulty seeing the relevance of games to their curriculum and the ideas and attitudes one associates with "play" are clearly disconnected from those we associate with "learning". What games can help us to create is a rich, dynamic and challenging learning environment, tapping into a resource that has cultural resonance for our students. Peggy will discuss why games engage us, how we can harness that engagement for learning and provide examples of this solid pedagogical approach happening right now in schools all over the world.

14305687.pngPeggy Sheehy is an educator and change agent with strong opinions about education. Peggy thrives on learning environments where students can take charge and experience agency, autonomy, and authenticity. After an exciting first career in music, Peggy shifted her spotlight to the classroom, and to awakening dreams through education. For the past sixteen years, she has served as a classroom teacher, international consultant, coach, muse, district technology trainer, curriculum developer, media specialist, author, online educator, Guild Master, TV host, and all around chief of mischief in her mission to make schools relevant.

As a true pioneer in virtual world and games in education, she is sought out for advice, curriculum direction, professional development and inspiration. Peggy describes these times as “The Metaissance” and allows her play ethic to inform her work with students, teachers, and administrators. As a “Teacher on a Mission”, Peggy encourages educators to reclaim their passion, challenges them to rethink their role, and shares her first-hand experience in bringing the tools of this generation into the classroom to increase authenticity, autonomy and agency to create compelling learning. Peggy has presented her work with education at conferences all over the world and has published numerous articles and interviews for educational journals and magazines.

She currently serves middle school students at Ramapo Central School District in New York and is also LoreKeeper of the WoW in School Project which now includes twelve schools across the United States and Canada. In addition to her work in school, Peggy spends a great deal of her time and energy speaking and consulting. Peggy is also Guild Master of the Cognitive Dissonance Educator Guild, an officer for 3D Game Lab, and is a founding member of G.A.M.E.

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