Teaching Tools for Under Ten


This session previews several tools which cost $10 or less a month; some are even FREE to use. These tools can be used to enhance interactivity, lecture material, take surveys, and possibly bring fun into a course (or office). Bring your tools to the table as well! Ruth loves hearing of new technology to enrich the learning experience.

Jing = Screencast Account $99/yr
Wikispaces = $1 to make Public
ScreenCast-O-Matic = FREE
MediaFire = $27/6 mo
Glogster = FREE
Second Life = FREE to $72.00/yr
BitStrips = FREE
ToonDoo = FREE
SpiderScribe = $5/mo
Comic Life 3 = $30 Flat
Sumo Paint = $40/yr
Symbaloo = FREE
Google = FREE
Voki = FREE

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