Secrets of Second Life

This immersive presentation will take viewers through a pixelated journey of the virtual environment Second Life. The presenter will provide information about Second Life and possibilities of use in education. Find out how teaching “in-world” has changed this presenters style of delivery. Participants are free to ask questions at any time during the presentation.

There is a tour of places in-world which starts at 6:40 ;-D

This was my first time to present a complete presentation within the virtual environment, It was quite the learning experience! There are a few areas I would change if time permitted. A major correction would be to write a script! As you'll here, there are a few "imperfections" which could have been alleviated with a script. It can only get better from here!

Of course, this full featured video does have it's pros and cons...



Time Consuming
Meets Multiple Learning Styles
Learning Curve
Closed Captioning can be added (With Script)
This one id too long!
Something Different
Unforeseen Circumstances
Tours with HUD presentation

Wow! Someone is watching!
I was just informed of a few errors in video. I mention blended learning. As i start to explain this process and how Second Life can be used in this manner, the narrative moves into Learning Styles. It could be because of my passion about Virtual Environment and Gaming and how the two relate to teaching and learning...

Please know that Second Life could be used in a Blended classroom. For example, your class is writing a comparison between Film and Literature. Second Life could be incorporated for students to use outside of class. Students would find (or build) components to back up their analysis. Screenshots could be used in papers (or blogs). This process would allow several types of learning to happen.

This is just one way to blend Second Life into a course. How would you utilize the virtual environment? Let's discuss this during the session! We'll add our thoughts here.

Since the inception of this PowerPoint, and the process involved in creating and presenting in the Virtual Environment, a whole new way to look at this presentation has hit me. The first thought on this presentation was to provide information on the process of teaching Second Life Online. It then moved into what I have learned teaching Second Life online. Now, I'd like to present ideas for use of Second Life in other classes/topics and how this could be done.

We'll have participants provide insight on each slide. A note-taker will be volunteer (or be appointed) to add information here as we go through the presentation.This seems a great way to answer all question and get all points of view...


Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich - Instructional technology Specialist. Adjunct Instructor.
Barbara Churchill - Library

What Life?

Barb - What Life?

A Virtual Environment

Barb - I like the anonymity of it. It allows for more creative expressions. It's fun to see what other people created. Shocked and amazed at art.


Barb - The wolfman really spooks me. Avatars have improved since I started.


Barb- Students may feel less threatened to ask questions.
Ruth - the communication in Second Life opens up a lot of doors. Translation of language has been simplified.



Barb - Second Life could assist in educational endeavors...
Use to think it would be a great educational part of the institution, however the digital learning of the environment got in the way. It could be a great collaborative space.


Social Sciences, Computer Science, Art
Thinking outside the box...


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