Summer Institute 2014

Our 9th Annual Summer Institute will be held on May 13th, 14th, and 15th 2014!

Join your amazing colleagues here at Yavapai College for three days of learning and sharing. Both the summer and winter institutes offer one of the best opportunities to converse with your fellow instructors, to learn about teaching and learning, and to learn about the topics important to the college as a whole. We hope you will take the opportunity to participate in the development of the colleges.


My Personal Journey with Quality Matters and the QM Quickie

Five years when I first started my adventure at the University of Arizona I decided to introduce Quality Matters (QM) to the campus culture. However, I encountered a problem, lack of buy-in from administration, faculty and staff. They did not know what QM was all about and did not want to invest the time, energy or money into an unknown. We started a grassroots effort to spread the word about QM through those wonderful early adopters, but we were still missing people. We found there were opportunities at events on campus to prompt QM, but did not have a formal presentation.

I will be sharing my personal journey with Quality Matters and presenting a teaser presentation called the QM Quickie. I currently use this presentation at the University of Arizona to introduce faculty, staff and administrators to Quality Matters (QM). The main goal with the presentation is to encourage faculty to sign up for the full “Applying the QM Rubric” training. The presentation introduces the who, the what and the why of QM. I will cover the history of QM, the QM principles and process. I will also give a brief overview of the eight standards. During our presentation, I hope to engage the faculty to think deeper about their design practices through examples, discussions and stories from the field.

This QM Quickie presentation has been successful across the University of Arizona campus. Many colleges, departments and programs have invited me to come and talk to their faculty about QM and become part of the QM movement across campus. The presentation has helped with consistency of the QM message across campus. It has also become a huge time saver as the presentation is “in the can” and ready to go “on the road” with the message at a moments notice.

I believe I give a unique perspective on this subject, as I have been involved with instructional design, facilitating online and hybrid courses and training faculty on “Applying the QM Rubric”.

melody_1.pngMelody Buckner joined the University of Arizona five years ago as an Instructional Designer to help faculty create online courses that reach out and engage students in an online UA experience. Before coming to the University, she served as an Instructional Designer in Professional Development and as an adjunct faculty for Pima Community College.

Her educational background includes, a Bachelor of Science from the College of Architecture at Arizona State University of Arizona and a Masters in Educational Technology at Northern Arizona University. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies at the University of Arizona. She has completed her comprehensive exams and is in the dissertation phase. She plans on graduating in Spring 2015. Her informal education consists of living in over 40 different places including several countries in Europe.


The Maricopa Millions Project

OER_Banner_0.jpgThe Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is a large community college district, consisting of ten autonomous colleges. The MCCCD plans to scale OER usage throughout the district by remixing and adapting current models of implementation from across the nation. To this end, a task force and steering committee have been established to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to accomplish the goal of saving our students $5 million over 5 years in course materials. The project includes a strategic, sustainable OER infrastructure consisting of building awareness, professional development opportunities for faculty, technical support, marketing, and technical structure. The project will help create a culture that actively encourages, supports, and sustains the use of OER for all course levels across all ten colleges. The course materials will be a mix and adaptation of existing OER course materials as well as development of new content. Our district leaders are committed to OER and the potential it holds to improve student access to materials. Participants attending this session will learn about the beginnings of MCCCD adoption of OER, the Maricopa Millions plan and what has been done to date to achieve this goal.

Lisa Young
Faculty, Scottsdale Community College
I serve Scottsdale Community College as the Instructional Design and Educational Technology faculty member. I am passionate about helping our students learn whether it be through excellent instructional design, the use of educational technology to resolve and mitigate instructional needs, and/or providing open educational resources to eliminate barriers to access and provide more relevant and useful learning materials.

Dr. Donna Gaudet
Mathematics Department Chair, Scottsdale Community College
Donna (Dr. G to her students) has been teaching mathematics since 1989. Early in her career she became interested in teaching with technology and started teaching "Flipped Classes" before they were cool. She has been teaching online classes since 1997 and hybrid classes since 2008 primarily to developmental students. Working with several thousand developmental students over the last 14 years has given her a unique perspective on the issues and challenges faced by this population. In her free time (when she is not holding online office hours), she trains and swims long distance events (up to 6 miles) in the lakes of Arizona and North Idaho.