Along with the Online Teaching Workshop for new online faculty, the TeLS group has completed a Course Redesign Workshop designed to help faculty who have been teaching online to take a deep look into their courses and identify course strengths and weaknesses. The workshop is designed to help faculty engage in using the YC Guidelines as a place to build better courses and develop the skills needed to create improved course content.

This session is open to all instructors who have been teaching online and would like to take the three week workshop. The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to work with colleagues in a Hybrid environment and discover improved tools and ways to design and present material.

This introductory workshop is relevant to Yavapai College as the recent NCA visit summary notes, “Use the Instructional Design Checklist to develop a rubric for assessing online Courses & Implement the Course Tune Up Program for all courses on a routine basis (e.g., every two to three years)

You are welcome to join the session is you are unsure if you want to participate in the entire three week workshop, but it is mandatory if completing the Course Redesign Workshop.