Join Yavapai College for our 7th Annual Winter Institute!

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Join your amazing colleagues here at Yavapai College for two days of learning and sharing. Both the summer and winter institutes offer one of the best opportunities to converse with your fellow instructors, to learn about teaching and learning, and to learn about the topics important to the college as a whole. We hope you will take the opportunity to participate in the development of the colleges culture and capabilities.

Wednesday General Session: SLC and HLC

Dr. Greg Gillespie will introduce the Student Council (SLC).

The SLC would like to invite faculty, staff, administration and members of the Yavapai College community to discuss issues related to course offering. Topics such as online parameters of instruction, online versus face to face offerings and other issues related to course offerings at Yavapai College will be presented. The SLC has conducted several surveys related to course offering here at YC. These concerns and issues will be addressed from the student perspective. We should like to engage with faculty about issues of instruction and course offerings here at Yavapai College.

Once SLC has presented their topic, Dr. Greg Gillespie and Dr. Amy Stein will share their insights, findings and wisdom on the process of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Josh Schmidt, Faculty, HPER
Dr. Greg Gillespie, Vice President Academics & Student Affairs
Dr. Amy Stein, Faculty, ART

Thursday General Session: SLOA and General Education

Dr. Molly Beauchman, Faculty, Foundation Studies, SLOA Chair
Chris Heyer, Outcomes Assessment Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Suzanne Waldenberger, Faculty – Visual Performing & Liberal Arts Division

The SLOA Committee would like to invite faculty, staff, administration and members of the Yavapai College community to hear and discuss issues related assessment of programs. Having changed our assessments from course to programs, We share our process, and will explain our progress thus far, and why curriculum maps and assessment plans are so important. Also, knowing who your SLOA Representative is in your division is important too, so we’ll have our reps and a listing on hand too.

Dr. Suzanne Waldenberger will finish up with the progress and changes in General Education – and what it means for your programs and courses.

Questions? Please contact the Teaching & eLearning Support (TeLS) at 771-6120 or
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