The Story of an Open Online Course

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Here is a link to the class I took:
Here is a link to the class TV station:

Other MOOCs: PLENK2010 MobiMOOC Or even a mini course like this.

What is a MOOC you might ask?

For a longer version of what one is, you can watch the infamous Howard Rheingold and George Seimens talk about them here.

Here are the teachers of the ds106 class telling the story of the class.

What is a Story (a digital story)

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CAnU dig it?! ~ easter weekend set by draggin

So just what is a digital story then? Is it this? Or just some sound, like the mules below?

What if you take that sound and place it in another context, like a picture?

Could it just be some pictures, some music, and some video? About your grandfather?


A bit garbled and fuzzy, but that is ok. I am still learning.

1. What if it is the STORY that surrounds the information we sell to our students that makes the information actually work. What if without a story that provides the reasons WHY, and the emotional context for factual data, there is no learning/action?

2. Storytelling of the oldest type of communication and how do we practice that in each and every class?

3. If you could choose, would you have a student respond to multiple choice questions to demonstrate competency or have them share a story about the content with the classroom?


Who is your role model in education? How deeply do you identify with the message they were sending and how do you incorporate that message into your teaching?

OK, Enough of this philosophical crap, let's look at ds106.